BPS eye shadow palette review & swatches

Another apology for not making any new posts.. I’ve been super busy 😦 I barely have time to read blogs and check Facebook!!

Anyway, you won’t believe how long this article has been on my to-do-list. I ordered this palette last year (december) at BornPrettyStore! LAST YEAR. Meanwhile, it’s gone out of stock 😦 I bought it for 4 dollars back then, and you might be able to find some on eBay!

I hadn’t tried it for very long (since I wanted to take unswatched pictures of the palette) but MY GOD the pigment is incredible! Enough words, onto the photos πŸ™‚BPS_palette (1)


The packaging is a shiny black, with a silver-coloured print on it. Doesn’t look too shabby, but it doesn’t scream luxury either. It’s nice though that you can already see the colours!

BPS_palette (2)


Even in the packaging, the colours already look very bright and shimmery.. can’t wait to open it! It did take some effort to open it, but that might be because I’m very clumsy and I was careful not to drop the palette..

BPS_palette (4)


This just made me drool in anticipation to finally be able to touch the shadows..

BPS_palette (5) BPS_palette (7)And I wasn’t let down! The shadows feel extremely creamy, slightly powdery with a bit of fall-out, but the pigment is just to die for ❀ Even the lighter colours picked up great on my skin. (also, I had to use my right arm to swatch on, which is why the pictures aren’t great. Have you tried photographing your right arm with your left hand? Yikes!)

The pans give off a LOT of eye shadow at the time, so if you’re using a brush, make sure to tap off the excess!

I wiped my finger after every swatch, and even on the paper towel the pigment is incredible..

BPS_palette (10)

Oh, there’s also this little sponge applicator, which looks really out-of-place in such a large container.. Whatever! It’s not like I’m going to use this..


I’ve been using this palette for a while now, and the pigment is as good on the eyes as it is on my arm. Lovely, rich shades, that are great for a very bold look!! I’m in love πŸ™‚



BPS Wishlist

I just *love* browsing webshops and filling up my cart or wishlist with items I really like; that way I don’t have to browse the entire shop again to find that one thing I liked before. Even though my wishlist got quite large, I’d still like to share it with you. I’ve categorized the items, because there’s quite a lot of different stuff in there!


  1. SocksΒ ($1.29). I got new shoes that need low socks, and these seem comfy!
  2. More socksΒ ($2.99). They’re cheap and good for sports (I think)
  3. And more.. ($0.99). Just too damn adorable!
  4. Surprise! ($1.99). These are just funny πŸ˜€
  5. Long top ($8.30; I think this was cheaper before?!). Just a comfortable long top..
  6. Leggings ($12.30). I’m a bit of a UK fan, and these leggings (in the ‘red’ style) are just too cool
  7. More leggings ($6.99). A LOT of cool styles (I love 155, 756, 90, 856 and 777 :P) and pretty cheap
  8. Galaxy leggings ❀ ($10.16) I already have one pair of galaxy-themed leggings (no. 880, sold out unfortunately) but they’re still awesome!
  9. Moar galaxies ($9.09).. Need I say more? πŸ˜‰

Make up

  1. Gift bagΒ ($0.99). These are just awesome. I don’t even care what’s in them, I just like the surprise!
  2. Eyeshadow/liner ($3.99). Beautifully pigmented (see the swatches), haven’t decided on which colour yet..
  3. Eyeliner pencils ($2.99 for set of 6). Bright colours, 50ct a piece, I need this!
  4. Falsies ($0.99). I’ve never worn false lashes yet, but these look just fabulous!
  5. Feathery falsies ($1.99). Not sure how these would look, but DAMN..
  6. Black lash glue ($3.07). Those lashes need to have something to stick to πŸ˜€
  7. Eyeliner stickers ($1.29). Don’t these look awesome? They have such fancy designs!
  8. Eye shadow ($4.99 for set of 12). The sample images look really good, lots of different colours and pretty cheap!

Nail stuff

  1. Stamping plate 1 ($1.99). I’ve got a stamping set, but only 2 plates. This one has some nice designs πŸ™‚
  2. Stamping plate 2 ($0.99). This one has some cute patterns, especially the hearts and stars
  3. Stamping plate 3 ($0.99). Who doesn’t love Christmas? πŸ˜€
  4. Zipper decals ($0.88). These are really detailed, and aren’t like those regular cheesy designs.
  5. Blue polish ($3.67). Talked about this one before; same formula as my light blue polish, which I love!
  6. Matte top coat ($3.39). Matte mani’s just look so stylish and sophisticated!
  7. White/black/red matte polish ($7.99). I don’t have a good white polish yet, this one has good reviews, and I like the red and black too! Apparently these polishes are good for stamping too.
  8. Brushes ($5.96 for set of 15). Great deal for this many brushes.


  1. Tiny plungerΒ ($0.99). Just adorable πŸ˜›
  2. Penguin Post-it notes ($0.99). I’m a huge penguin fan, so I can’t NOT want this!
  3. Finger rubber gloves ($3.08). JUST LOOK AT THESE THINGS.


So, if you wanted to get me anything.. Feel free πŸ˜‰
If you want to order anything from BPS, you can use this coupon code:


BPS Haul

Since I discovered BornPrettyStore (it’s like a DealeXtreme for beauty-stuff, haha!) I’ve ordered several things. Some of them were featured in my last blog post, and I recently bought some other items:

It’s just a small order, I just really wanted the nail polish and bought the other things since they were really inexpensive! I paid for most of it using their points, every point is worth 1ct and you can get them by ordering stuff, writing reviews and uploading photos/videos. I can really recommend this if you’re low on cash and want to buy some great budget items!

Cuticle cutter and file
There’s not a lot to say about this; it’s a file and cuticle cutter in one. The cutter is really sharp, and is great for removing dead skin and hangnails (which I get really often..). Luckily, it’s protected by a cap so you don’t cut yourself on accident. The file is quite fine and allows for a smooth finish on your nails. The pointy end is useful for getting the dirt out from under your nails.

Nail polish
I’m really glad I bought this polish before it sold out! It’s a beautiful metallic shade of light blue, which looks silver or blue depending on the light you’re in! It’s opaque in two to three coats (depending on the thickness) and the formula is very smooth and glides on easily. It’s absolutely packed with glitters and doesn’t need a top coat. I needed to shake the bottle vigorously, because Β the formula wasn’t really consistent, but that’s a really minor thing. It does have a strange, but not entirely unpleasant smell to it. There is a darker blue version of the same/a similar polish (same brand and bottle), which you can find here. I’m planning on buying it because it looks lovely and I want to check if they’re similar.

The light blue polish in different lights

The light blue polish in different lights

Surprise gift bags
I bought two of these by accident, but since they’re so cheap and much fun to open (I love surprises), I was actually glad I got two!

The first pack contained a pair of false lashes, a small red lipstick, and a little mascara brush. I don’t have lash glue or a reason to wear the falsies yet, but they feel great and look awesome already. I’ve got a wedding coming up so I guess that’s a nice moment to try them on. The red lipstick is really tiny, but extremely bright and pigmented. I tested it on my hand and when I wiped it off, my hand was still red-ish. The mascara brush.. well it’s a brush πŸ˜›

Set 1

Set 1

The second set contains a black, loose eyeshadow (it can be bought in a set of 12 colours, which is on my wishlist!), a soft sponge and a pony mirror. I’m not used to working with powder eyeshadows (I only have pressed ones) but it’s very pigmented and I’m going to have to try it out soon! The sponge is very fluffy, but I haven’t found an use for it yet. The mirror is.. well.. let’s just say I’m not a big fan of ponies. Anyone want a cute little mirror..?

Set 2

Set 2

Well, that’s it for now! I’ve got a few items in my shopping basket already, I only need to collect a couple of more points to buy the items I want!

If you want to order anything from BPS, you can use this coupon code: