BPS eye shadow palette review & swatches

Another apology for not making any new posts.. I’ve been super busy 😦 I barely have time to read blogs and check Facebook!!

Anyway, you won’t believe how long this article has been on my to-do-list. I ordered this palette last year (december) at BornPrettyStore! LAST YEAR. Meanwhile, it’s gone out of stock 😦 I bought it for 4 dollars back then, and you might be able to find some on eBay!

I hadn’t tried it for very long (since I wanted to take unswatched pictures of the palette) but MY GOD the pigment is incredible! Enough words, onto the photos πŸ™‚BPS_palette (1)


The packaging is a shiny black, with a silver-coloured print on it. Doesn’t look too shabby, but it doesn’t scream luxury either. It’s nice though that you can already see the colours!

BPS_palette (2)


Even in the packaging, the colours already look very bright and shimmery.. can’t wait to open it! It did take some effort to open it, but that might be because I’m very clumsy and I was careful not to drop the palette..

BPS_palette (4)


This just made me drool in anticipation to finally be able to touch the shadows..

BPS_palette (5) BPS_palette (7)And I wasn’t let down! The shadows feel extremely creamy, slightly powdery with a bit of fall-out, but the pigment is just to die for ❀ Even the lighter colours picked up great on my skin. (also, I had to use my right arm to swatch on, which is why the pictures aren’t great. Have you tried photographing your right arm with your left hand? Yikes!)

The pans give off a LOT of eye shadow at the time, so if you’re using a brush, make sure to tap off the excess!

I wiped my finger after every swatch, and even on the paper towel the pigment is incredible..

BPS_palette (10)

Oh, there’s also this little sponge applicator, which looks really out-of-place in such a large container.. Whatever! It’s not like I’m going to use this..


I’ve been using this palette for a while now, and the pigment is as good on the eyes as it is on my arm. Lovely, rich shades, that are great for a very bold look!! I’m in love πŸ™‚



Big eyeliner review


When I started my make-up journey, I only had those black kohl pencils. While I still use those nearly every day (mainly on my tightline to make my lashes appear longer and fuller), I have ventured into the world of winged eyeliner and gel liner! At first I’ll review the products and what I thought of them, and I’ll end with the most important bit: the swatches! I also tested if they were smudge- and waterproof πŸ™‚

Eyeliner_test_02 Eyeliner_test_10

On the left picture you see two eye pencils, and on the right picture two gel liners. The list:

  • Essence Superfine eyeliner pen (€ 2,59 from Kruidvat)
  • Max Eye-liner (probably about one euro for two from Action)
  • Max & More Gel Eye-Liner (€ 0,98 from Action, featured here)
  • eBay gel liner (around 1 dollar; various sellers have it, like this one)


Essence Superfine eyeliner pen

I’ve had this felt liner pen for a while now, and I can make a very precise and intense wing with it! In the picture you can kind of see (sorry for the blurriness) that it has a very long tip, which makes it a bit flexible. It also causes the tip to run out of ink very quickly 😦 All in all, I do really like this liner! and at under three euros, even though the most expensive in this review, it’s still a bargain. Plus, the packaging has a nice holo text on it! JUSTLOOKATIT<3

Max eye-liner

I bought this eye liner pencil from Action a while ago; there were two in a pack for probably under a euro. And the cap has a built-in sharpener! It’s not very long-lasting but the black is quite intense, and it’s perfect for tightlining. Nothing special, but does what I expected it to do!


I don’t have any experience with gel liners, these are the only two I have. Therefore I can’t really compare them to anything of a higher quality, but I’ll try my best to review them as well as I can!

Max & More Gel Eye-Liner

As you may or may not know, I have been looking for a good eyeliner brush for a while. So you can understand my excitement when I saw this pack with a gel liner and a good-looking brush for under a euro! I tried it and find the brush a little hard to work with, but that’s mostly my lack of skill. The brush is soft and kinda firm, so you can draw good lines with them. I don’t quite know how to clean it though, so now I’m left with a dirty brush 😦

eBay gel linerΒ 

This is the first gel liner I bought, for this price I couldn’t resist! The brush however is pretty damn sh*tty, I cut it to try to make it work better, but it didn’t..

And now, the swatchesss!



As you can see, all but the felt tip liner from Essence are Jet-black! I’m very much surprised by the pigmentation of the cheap gel liners, and the kohl liner is very good too. For the gel liners, I used the brushes that came with the pot. The Max&More formula and brush allowed for very thin and intensely black lines, while the lines of the eBay liner are slightly chunky and the brush was impossible to work with..

To test how well it would last, I smudged the top of the swatches:


All but the Essence smudged, but I don’t think I let the gel liners dry completely, The Max&More gel liner holds very well while being smudged.

Because our eyes get wet every now and then (either by sports, rain, or tears πŸ˜‰ ), I put my arm in the water, and then wiped it to get rid of the excess.

Eyeliner_test_14 Eyeliner_test_15


It’s quite clear that the Essence liner is anything but waterproof; all colour ran right off with the water! The gel liners and pencil performed quite good, but since they’re oily, they just repelled the water. With a bit of smudging, there was barely anything left of the ebay liner, and the pencil isn’t very black anymore either. The Max&More held up amazingly well!

So, after the swatching, I tried to remove the blackness from my arm (because it would be silly to walk around with a stripey black arm!), and this happened:


It just wouldn’t budge!! I rubbed it with a facial cleansing wipeΒ with coconut oil, and only after a lot of very vigorously rubbing, I was left with a red arm and a little bit of black in the pores of my arm. Seriously long-lasting this stuff! I haven’t really tried it on my eyes yet, since I’m scared it won’t come off…..

Ps, I tried something different in my pictures; I placed some text over them! The fonts I used are from this websiteΒ (I used AmaticΒ by Vernon Adams!). If you want me to write an article about cool fonts and how to install them (on a Windows computer) please comment!

NOTD: Hup Holland!

I’m not a big football fan, but I do enjoy watching games of my national team with a group of friends. But the most fun is to paint my nails in the national colours! Since I’m a Dutchie, I went all out with red, white, blue and orange!


(I’m holding a van Persie poster by the way :p)
Blue: Rimmel 844 Out Of The Blue; white: Rimmel 703 White Hot Love; red (over white): Hema Longlasting 185; orange: Max (action) rainbow set.
For the accent nail (if you can call it such, since all nails are different!) I topped the orange with a multicolour glitter polish (Milano Alternative Design M08, bought at the Wibra for 1.29) which has red, silver, blue and gold/orange glitters!


Isn’t it perfect? And the Netherlands winning with 5 to 1 from Spain was quite cool too, though I didn’t particularly care about that :p

I’ve worn this mani since Friday (it’s Sunday as I’m writing this) and it’s holding quite well! Even without top coat, because I forgot to bring it.. The blue had some tip wear but that was easy to touch up. I had to redo the ring finger of my right hand because I picked at the glitters too much 😦 but, with those touch-ups, I’m hoping to wear this until the next match on Wednesday!

Have you wathed any of the World Cup matches yet? Who are you supporting and did you do anything special?

Ps. I wrote this from my phone, please tell me if you spot any typos or if the lay out is messed up!

Ebay haul #2

It’s been exactly a week since my first Ebay article went up, and I allowed myself to get some new things from Ebay!! Some things I needed, some things I wanted πŸ˜‰

1. Penguin USB stick

I think this might be the first auction item I ‘won’! I needed a USB stick (this one is 8GB) and I’m obsessed with penguins ❀ For only $4.31, I kind of wanted this! Shame you have to rip off his head to get to the drive, and there’s a little chain attached to the drive; to make sure you don’t lose the cap but just the drive! Very useful.. /sarcasm

It’s still adorable though ❀ And it arrived already! πŸ˜€

2. Nail art brushes

I love painting, and I love nail art! I’m not sure what I’m going to use these brushes for (they probably work great for detail painting too) but at just over 3 dollars for 15 brushes? Just HAD to have them!

3. Glass nail files

I haven’t particularly cared about my nails before, but they do peel and chip a lot. I previously used a metal or cardboard file, but everyone in the nail world seems to recommend glass ones, so of course I got searching πŸ˜‰ There are ones for a dollar on Ebay, but I thought getting more might get me a better deal, like these 4 for only $1.76 πŸ™‚ They arrived very quickly, and were all individually packaged. They didn’t come in a bubble wrap envelope, but they did survive the journey πŸ™‚

4. Ear plugs

Since I’m going to a festival this summer, I wanted to try out some cheap ear plugs. They probably don’t do a good job at isolating sound, but hopefully I’ll get them on time so I can test them! They also came with a nose clip for swimming, which might come in handy; I can’t swim under water without pinching my nose closed!! I think it’d look way too silly though..

5. Earphones

Tangled earphones, AUGH! I have to deal with tangled cords nearly every day. I hope to eliminate a little bit of that frustration by these earphones! I had seen them several times before but for around 10 euros. For just over 4 dollars, I kind of needed to buy this..

6. Replacement in-ear earbud thingies

I really did NEED these! I always lose them, and in-ear phones aren’t as comfy without πŸ˜› For a dollar you get a bunch of 10 so it’ll hopefully be a while before I run out

7. Stamping plates

Did I mention I love penguins? When I saw the penguin stamping plate, I got kind of crazy. HOW ADORABLE! The other plate has some cute patterns that I will hopefully use a lot πŸ™‚ I only have two stamping plates now so I could kind of justify getting two more πŸ˜‰ I really got my eyes on some MoYou plates though. Isn’t this pretty? Their plates don’t just feature separate patterns and images, but one big design with lots of patterns and things! ❀


I’ll keep track of all shipping times, and add a table once I got everything!

One Dollar Ebay Haul

I recently purchased a couple of things from Ebay from around a dollar each. Since I’ve received everything nowThe mascara wand thingy never arrived! So that’s why this post is kinda late; I had it planned for like two weeks.. , I’ll share my experiences with my purchases! At first I’ll list the links to the items I got (I think they’re all still available), then I’ll review them, and at last I’ll see if I can find the exact prices and shipping times of all items.

What I got:

  1. Coin purse
  2. Watermelon Coin Purse
  3. Gel eyeliner with brush
  4. Mascara remover wand thingy (recommended by Klaire de Lys)
  5. Nail foils


  1. Coin purse

I had a really nice little coin purse I once bought from H&M, but the zipper broke! It was kind of worn for a while already, so I had been looking around everywhere but I just couldn’t find a decent little wallet that wasn’t too small or too big or too ugly.. So after finding out that my ‘little bag I keep money and stuff in’ was called a ‘coin purse’ I could look on ebay, and I found this little cutie. It’s a little small (I can only just fit my cards in, with a lot of effort), it’s still adorable.

2. Watermelon Coin Purse

Luckily, I also bought this ADORABLE slice of water melon that’s also a coin purse! I’ve been using this one since it arrived (I swapped it with the other purse which arrived a couple of days earlier) and it’s a bit bigger. I can even fit my phone in (like I could with my old purse) and I get a lot of ‘AHH!’s when I pull out my wallet πŸ˜€ Plus, I have this habit of holding my purse between my teeth when I have to pack my bag with groceries and stuff, so that probably looks hilarious πŸ˜‰

3. Gel eyeliner with brush

Of course, I didn’t expect much from an eye liner for a (Canadian, even) dollar, but since I didn’t have any gel liner and I wanted to try it before I spend a lot on a more expensive liner, AND couldn’t go wrong for under a dollar, I added it to my little list. I’ll review it properly later (I got some more liners to compare :)), but I can already tell you that the brush is just weird, and the gel has no staying power whatsoever. I also bought a very cheap liner from Action, which has a nicer looking brush. I’ll test them both in an article soon πŸ™‚

4. Mascara remover wand

I never cared for make up removal a lot. I sleep at my place and the bf’s place randomly, and I don’t want to have two of everything, so usually a bit of water has to do for removal. But this thingy is so cheap, I can buy several of them for everywhere πŸ™‚ Now just hope it arrives SOMEDAY

5. Nail foils

Oops. I didn’t actually mean to buy this, but I added it to my cart one day and forgot to take it out when I bought all these things at once! I’m in love with beautiful, shiny nails, and I know you can’t really get a mirror finish with regular polish, and for this amount of money I’m willing to give nail foils a try! I have no idea how to apply them (they didn’t come with instructions.. help?!) but I’ll try them for a special occasion sometime.


At last, here’s a table with prices (in USD) and shipping times to the Netherlands


Item Price (US$) Ships from Shipping time
Coin purse 0.99 Shenzhen, China Less than two weeks
Watermelon Coin Purse 1.22 Hong Kong ~two weeks
Gel eyeliner with brush 0.91 yiwu,zhejiang, China Don’t know 😦
Mascara remover wand 0.99 Hong Kong Not arrived yet
Nail foils 0.99 yiwu,zhejiang, China ~3 weeks

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Budget haul pt. 2: The swatches

A few days ago I told you about my recent haul of budget polishes. I promised swatches, so here they are!

Instead of regular swatches, I used every polish I got (I think) in a nail art and posted them to Instagram! At the end of this post I also got the book swatches for you too, to see all colours independently.

Essence 138 L.O.L. (the green) and Rimmel 703 White Hot Love from the Rita Ora collection

Both are opaque in 2 coats, and have a great texture! You can’t tell from this picture, but the white has a really fine shimmer in it!

On ring finger: NYC 320 Blue Sky, stamping with Rimmel 844 Out of the Blue and BPS stamping plate. On the rest of the fingers: Essence Blue Jeaned (liquid sand and slightly matte!)

Also all are opaque in 2 coats. Blue Jeaned could do with one coat, but two really bring out the colour. It’s also really easy to touch up if it chips a little because of the liquid sand structure πŸ™‚ Blue Sky has a bit of a weird formula, but the second coat evens the polish out perfectly. I wanted to add a matte top coat over the ring finger (and I did later) but I don’t have a good pic of it 😦

The blue and yellow from the Action set, and my very first OPI polish (a black shatter)

The set of the yellow and blue polishes also came with a wheel of rhinestones, which I’ll use later this month! They were only €1.19 for the set, so it couldn’t go wrong. Well, I was still surprised. Both were one coaters! I did use quite thick coats, and the yellow could’ve used a second, but for this price?! Wow! I applied the OPI shatter coat over two of the nails to see how it looked, and I left my pinky bare since it’s pretty badly damaged 😦

Budget haul

I read on many blogs that a Dutch drug store (Kruidvat) was doing a 1+1 free sale on all nail polishes! My mom got me some (I still don’t know exactly which ones), but I had to check it out myself too. I didn’t stray far from my comfort zone, because when I was finished, I had 3 blue and 1 clear polish in my hands! Oops.. But before I went into the Kruidvat, I went to the Action to spend even less money (ok, I did spend more, but I bought quite a lot!). I had read most of the polishes from this great budget store were pretty decent, plus they had Sally Hansen and other A-brand polishes in store for extremely low prices. Now, onto the pictures! Budget_Haul_01 That’s everything, on display on my bed! So, at Kruidvat I got these polishes: Budget_Haul_14Yup, blue, blue and blue again! Also a clear polish which I’m going to turn into a matte top coat (I think) πŸ™‚ I spent a total of €5.79, so that’s a real bargain! I got the Jeans Sugar because DoorMariska blogged about it and it looked so great! The other polishes are Rita Ora Out of the Blue, NYC Blue Sky and a clear polish by Catrice. The problem with my previous DIY matte top coat is that the corn starch separated from the clear base. Since Catrice polishes have these little balls in them, when you shake the bottle it mixes the polish really well!

And for the Action haul:


Two bottles of polish with rhinestones (€1.19), OPI (OMG MY FIRST OPI) shatter in black (€1.79), tiny trash can (€0.79), lunch/freezer bags (not interesting), MAX eye-liner gel and brush (€0.98), face wipes (€0.79) and a lash curler (€0.69). I’m not expecting much of these products, so it can only be better than expected! I’m aware that shatter polishes are already old-fashioned, but I just couldn’t leave the OPI there and I don’t own any shatter polishes yet!

Well, that’s it for now. I’m going to review some of these products for you later πŸ™‚ Oh how I just love shopping with the idea ‘I can make a post out of this’ πŸ˜€


Which items would you like me to review, or which ones have you tried and what did you think about it? (if you blogged about any of this, tell me and I’ll add your link!)

Edit: my mom got me these!

It’s Essence 138 L.O.L., Rita Ora’s 703 White Hot Love, Essence nail whitener/hardener and Essence All Eyes On Me mascara! ❀