BPS Wishlist

I just *love* browsing webshops and filling up my cart or wishlist with items I really like; that way I don’t have to browse the entire shop again to find that one thing I liked before. Even though my wishlist got quite large, I’d still like to share it with you. I’ve categorized the items, because there’s quite a lot of different stuff in there!


  1. Socks ($1.29). I got new shoes that need low socks, and these seem comfy!
  2. More socks ($2.99). They’re cheap and good for sports (I think)
  3. And more.. ($0.99). Just too damn adorable!
  4. Surprise! ($1.99). These are just funny 😀
  5. Long top ($8.30; I think this was cheaper before?!). Just a comfortable long top..
  6. Leggings ($12.30). I’m a bit of a UK fan, and these leggings (in the ‘red’ style) are just too cool
  7. More leggings ($6.99). A LOT of cool styles (I love 155, 756, 90, 856 and 777 :P) and pretty cheap
  8. Galaxy leggings ❤ ($10.16) I already have one pair of galaxy-themed leggings (no. 880, sold out unfortunately) but they’re still awesome!
  9. Moar galaxies ($9.09).. Need I say more? 😉

Make up

  1. Gift bag ($0.99). These are just awesome. I don’t even care what’s in them, I just like the surprise!
  2. Eyeshadow/liner ($3.99). Beautifully pigmented (see the swatches), haven’t decided on which colour yet..
  3. Eyeliner pencils ($2.99 for set of 6). Bright colours, 50ct a piece, I need this!
  4. Falsies ($0.99). I’ve never worn false lashes yet, but these look just fabulous!
  5. Feathery falsies ($1.99). Not sure how these would look, but DAMN..
  6. Black lash glue ($3.07). Those lashes need to have something to stick to 😀
  7. Eyeliner stickers ($1.29). Don’t these look awesome? They have such fancy designs!
  8. Eye shadow ($4.99 for set of 12). The sample images look really good, lots of different colours and pretty cheap!

Nail stuff

  1. Stamping plate 1 ($1.99). I’ve got a stamping set, but only 2 plates. This one has some nice designs 🙂
  2. Stamping plate 2 ($0.99). This one has some cute patterns, especially the hearts and stars
  3. Stamping plate 3 ($0.99). Who doesn’t love Christmas? 😀
  4. Zipper decals ($0.88). These are really detailed, and aren’t like those regular cheesy designs.
  5. Blue polish ($3.67). Talked about this one before; same formula as my light blue polish, which I love!
  6. Matte top coat ($3.39). Matte mani’s just look so stylish and sophisticated!
  7. White/black/red matte polish ($7.99). I don’t have a good white polish yet, this one has good reviews, and I like the red and black too! Apparently these polishes are good for stamping too.
  8. Brushes ($5.96 for set of 15). Great deal for this many brushes.


  1. Tiny plunger ($0.99). Just adorable 😛
  2. Penguin Post-it notes ($0.99). I’m a huge penguin fan, so I can’t NOT want this!
  3. Finger rubber gloves ($3.08). JUST LOOK AT THESE THINGS.


So, if you wanted to get me anything.. Feel free 😉
If you want to order anything from BPS, you can use this coupon code:



5 thoughts on “BPS Wishlist

  1. Hi darling .. Saw you wishlist! It’s pretty sweet .. I bought a matte top coat for under $2 from target .. It’s called Matte Top Coat by NYC .. Works pretty fine !

    • Oh, thanks! I don’t have a Target where I live, but they sell NYC at the drugstore 🙂 Will check it out, thanks a lot for the tip!

    • Wanted to get back at this; I found a tutorial on youtube how to make your own matte top coat, and she’s comparing it to the NYC one; just add (a lot) of corn starch to a clear polish! I’m going to try that tomorrow and tell you how it went 🙂

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