Rant: WordPress proofreader

As my blog name is actually RANTS and beauty, and there’s been quite a lot of beauty on here (read: ONLY beauty..) I guess it’s time for a little rant.

To keep it light, I start with the little proofread thingy WordPress does when you want to publish a post. It says something along the lines ‘the proofreader has suggestions for this post’, and at first I was like, ‘nice, I’m going to correct some stupid mistakes!’. As you may or may not (probably not) know, I’m a sucker for good spelling and grammar. Even though I’m no native speaker, I like my English to be perfect, and if I see a mistake or am notified of one, I try to learn from it. Even find out the reasons why something’s written in a specific way (usually this ends up that a different spelling is a UK/US difference. Ugh.).

So. Back to the proofreader. I had high expectations, and maybe I shouldn’t have. Of course I didn’t expect it to know words like ‘swatch’ and brand names. Duh. But, it kind of complains about stuff I didn’t even think about. I apparently use ‘passive voice’ quite a lot. I am quite aware of that WordPress, the passive voice was used quite intentionally! And then on to the ‘complex expression’. How is using the word ‘quite’ a complex expression? No WordPress, I’m not considering revising! Sod off!

Now, I’m going to see what the little proofreader has to say about this post and tell you 😀

Yup. ‘Quite’ is used quite a lot in this post. It’s NOT COMPLEX. Also, it says ‘WordPress’ is a non-existing word. Good going, WordPress!  Also, I got three instances of ‘passive voice’ use. Yes, also the VERY INTENTIONAL one. Hah.

So, what do you think about the proofreader? Actually useful, or just a whiny little bitch?