BPS eye shadow palette review & swatches

Another apology for not making any new posts.. I’ve been super busy 😦 I barely have time to read blogs and check Facebook!!

Anyway, you won’t believe how long this article has been on my to-do-list. I ordered this palette last year (december) at BornPrettyStore! LAST YEAR. Meanwhile, it’s gone out of stock 😦 I bought it for 4 dollars back then, and you might be able to find some on eBay!

I hadn’t tried it for very long (since I wanted to take unswatched pictures of the palette) but MY GOD the pigment is incredible! Enough words, onto the photos πŸ™‚BPS_palette (1)


The packaging is a shiny black, with a silver-coloured print on it. Doesn’t look too shabby, but it doesn’t scream luxury either. It’s nice though that you can already see the colours!

BPS_palette (2)


Even in the packaging, the colours already look very bright and shimmery.. can’t wait to open it! It did take some effort to open it, but that might be because I’m very clumsy and I was careful not to drop the palette..

BPS_palette (4)


This just made me drool in anticipation to finally be able to touch the shadows..

BPS_palette (5) BPS_palette (7)And I wasn’t let down! The shadows feel extremely creamy, slightly powdery with a bit of fall-out, but the pigment is just to die for ❀ Even the lighter colours picked up great on my skin. (also, I had to use my right arm to swatch on, which is why the pictures aren’t great. Have you tried photographing your right arm with your left hand? Yikes!)

The pans give off a LOT of eye shadow at the time, so if you’re using a brush, make sure to tap off the excess!

I wiped my finger after every swatch, and even on the paper towel the pigment is incredible..

BPS_palette (10)

Oh, there’s also this little sponge applicator, which looks really out-of-place in such a large container.. Whatever! It’s not like I’m going to use this..


I’ve been using this palette for a while now, and the pigment is as good on the eyes as it is on my arm. Lovely, rich shades, that are great for a very bold look!! I’m in love πŸ™‚



Catrice Haul pt. 2: The Swatches

As promised before, here’s the second part of my recent blog sale haul!

Warning, lots of photos πŸ˜€

There’s the whole family again πŸ™‚

All swatches below are two coats (I believe), and all polishes contain this little metal ball that helps shake the polish well! Always gives me that luxurious feel πŸ™‚

First: the greys/whites
blogsalehaul_07 blogsalehaul_11

I kind of messed up the order of the polishes, but from left to right these are:

  • Sing: Hey, Dirty Lilah!; the name suggest there’s a hint of lilac in this polish (I think), but it’s more of a light grey to almost white to me. Has a really soft white glitter in it, andΒ is very easy to apply due to its thin consistency.
  • London’s Weather Forecast: Best name ever. Dark grey polish, as grey as rainy clouds πŸ˜‰ Also contains a really fine multicolour glitter. Same formula as before, I love it!
  • ASHley: Seems to be the only non-shimmery polish in this set. Looks similar to the previous polish, but is a bit lighter.
  • Limited edition White and Seek: a sheer pearly white. I’ve worn this over Hey, Dirty Lilah! for a good coverage (since I don’t own a good white, haha). This polish has the wide brush I really like πŸ™‚

blogsalehaul_08 blogsalehaul_13


  • Essence Snow Jam Life is a Freeride: This one fit in with the other colours in this range well so I added it too πŸ˜‰ It’s a bright blue with a fine multicolour shimmer. Also has the large brush!
  • No Snow Petrol: Quite similar to the Essence one, but has a slightly greener tone with almost a duochrome blue shimmer. One of my favourites! Again, large brush ^^
  • Sold Out For Ever: A pastel-ish green- I think this is the most unique colour in the set! Has bright green/blue microglitters which make it even more gorgeous
  • ACid/DC: The absolute brightest colour in this set, it’s amazing ❀ A punky lime-green colour (almost yellow) with green-ish microglitter.



And to finish it off: the darkest colours of this set:

  • Limited Edition Be Indiglow!: At first I thought it was nearly black, but in the right light a gorgeous deep, shimmery blue is seen! Very special, and matches well with the other LE (the pearly white; I got a post coming up with a mani with these two!). This polish also sports the wide brush.
  • Squeeze Me: A muted dark green/blue with golden/olive microglitter. Very hard to describe but gorgeous! With large brush.
  • Genius In The Bottle: I can barely describe this. A copper/blue/green multichrome, which looks mostly brown on my nails but like an oil spill in the bottle. Haven’t tested it in daylight yet, but I’ll try this soon! Has a slightly larger brush than others, but not super wide.
  • Petrolpolitan: another of my faves. I guess this would be ‘petrol’-coloured, a blue/green with slightly larger (but still tiny) glitters in blue and green. I also used this in my matte top coat DIY! Also with large brush.

So, that’s it for now! I did take pictures of the swatches in my little book, but haven’t processed the photo’s yet.. I’ll add them as soon as I finish them!