I’m back!

Hello all!

Even though I’ve been commenting and reading sporadically over the past week, now I’m officially back from my holidays in Rome and Morocco! I will of course talk a bit about those holidays in a while, and I’m going to be back to post about beauty-stuff very soon too!

I do have to start studying again unfortunately, so I won’t be posting any more than I did before (once a week) 😦 

I did make some swatches and pictures, so I can focus on editing and writing 🙂

Also, I did really grow out my nails during the holidays! Especially on my left hand (the swatch hand, haha) the nails got really long! Unfortunately, I OBVIOUSLY broke a nail the first time I went to sports practice again. I didn’t even participate in the training! *sigh*

Anyway, expect a post pretty soon!!


ps. I WON ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! I now have a gorgeous MoYou stamping plate ❤


NOTD: Holidays!

Just a little NOTD I made on the 17th of July. I wrote this in advance because I’m going on holiday for a while, so I won’t be posting/commenting/reading anything!

This’ll probably have worn off when this comes online, and some of you might’ve seen it on twitter/instagram already, but I still wanted to share it with you 🙂

The polishes I used are (from dark to light) Rimmel Out of the Blue, Fizz (some cheap polish from the Action) and NYC’s Blue Sky. The decoration is from the gift box I won at MissPinkyNails 🙂 It’s from Essence but I don’t know the exact name.

So, are you going on a holiday, or have you been away already? Please share!

L’oreal Surprise Pack #2

As I mentioned in my previous post about a L’oreal box, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the contents: 3 lip products and one eye shadow. I sent a mail to the company, and they promised to send me some other products. When they arrived, there were, again, 4 products in the box! How great is that service? 😀

Without any further ado, here’s the lovely box:


Included in this box were:

  • Two HIP pigments, Showy (blues, 224) and Mischief (908)
  • Telescopic Explosion mascara in Blackest Black, waterproof (985, the one with the weird brush)
  • True Match Naturale Mineral-Enriched mascara, also in Blackest black (805)


I already had one of the HIP eyeshadow duos (Sassy), and I like it a lot! The colours blend well and are quite pigmented and buildable. The wear time is quite long, but on my oily lids, creasing is unavoidable.

L'oreal_test_2_04 L'oreal_test_2_03

These duos contain a matte and a shimmery shade, while the other (in the previous box) contained two metallicy shades. These also have a little sponge applicator and a mirror in a ‘secret’ compartment. Both shades were smooth to the touch and didn’t have much fallout, but it was very noticeable that the shimmery shades were more pigmented than the matte shades

L'oreal_test_2_06 L'oreal_test_2_05

The first swatch shows the colours after I build them up a bit, the second shows a one-finger-swipe-swatch. After I tried the shadows on my eyes and used a brush, the dark shades were much more intense (hello raccoon eyes :P) and looked great.

Now, onto the mascaras! I didn’t take proper pics of the second mascara, but it was nothing special. At least not compared to the Telescopic Explosion! I’ve never seen a brush like that..

L'oreal_test_2_07 L'oreal_test_2_08


The little brush head/ball is designed to precisely extend and separate the lashes, and to get into the corner of the eye and catch all lashes! I also like how the mascara tube comes separate from the brush, so everyone gets to appreciate the brush in all its glory 😀

Now, I’ve never made comparison pics before of my lashes, but I tried my best.. Left is without, right is with this mascara:

L'oreal_test_2_09 L'oreal_test_2_11

And from the side

L'oreal_test_2_10 L'oreal_test_2_12

I have quite black and long lashes myself, but this mascara gives a beautiful curl and adds some length. It promises a fanned-out effect on your lashes, and it delivers. No clumping, no lashes glued together. I love it!

The second mascara (I forgot to take separate pics.. oops) is the Bare Naturale Mineral-Enriched (quite a mouthful!), and apparently it’s a formula which contains aloe, vitamin E and jojoba oil. I don’t particularly care about the formula, so let’s move on to the lash shots! I do apologise in advance for my red eye. I got a little bit too excited with the cleanup and probably poked my eye or something.

L'oreal_test_2_13 L'oreal_test_2_19


L'oreal_test_2_14 L'oreal_test_2_20

The sun hide behind the clouds for the mascara shots, that’s why my pupils are dilated like mad!

I’m not very impressed by this mascara. It doesn’t do much for me, except from smudging under my eye, although I kind of have myself to blame for that because I’m super clumsy and pretty much smeared mascara all over my under eye area..


So, this concludes this review. I love how they sent me more products, even though I didn’t exactly ask for it! Big thumbs up for them 🙂 I was really impressed by the Telescopic Explosion mascara, and I can never have enough eye shadow!

WINNING #2: Urban Decay Flushed Palette (fake)

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I won a sh*tload of prizes the past few weeks! The first was a nail polish set (I still didn’t make proper pictures) that already featured in a NOTD, from IOnTrend, and this is the second!

It’s the Urban Decay Flushed Palette (a fake, though, but still gorgeous) with a bronzer, highlighter and a blush! I won this lovely giveaway from Femketje, I read her blog pretty much daily and I love it! 🙂

Now, onto the beautiful palette:

Naked_Flushed_Palette (3)

I don’t have the original, but this already looks incredibly luxurious! The lid is secured with a magnet, it stays shut very well but you don’t need a lot of force to open it. And when you open it, you’re greeted by these beauties:

Naked_Flushed_Palette (4)

(sorry, pic should’ve been lighter. With constantly changing light conditions and me not being able to change the brightness of my screen I don’t have full control over this 😦 )

At first I was afraid that the colours would be too intense, but when I swatched them on my arm, they were pretty light:

Naked_Flushed_Palette (1)

From left to right I swatched the bronzer, highlighter and blush with my finger. I’m actually too tan on my arms for the bronzer at the moment! The highlighter gives a beautiful shine and the blush is lovely and subtle. I never really wear blush because I’m already quite flushed in my face and I’m afraid it makes me look like I’m really warm all the time, but this one is just perfect 🙂 The bronzer doesn’t really show up on my skin, but it’ll give me a lovely bronzed glow in the winter!

Overall, I’m very happy with this palette, I didn’t have anything like this yet, and it simply looks and feels amazing!

Naked_Flushed_Palette (2)

L’oreal surprise pack

I like deals, a lot! I check a page that has tons of daily deals and discounts pretty much every day, and my heart jumped a bit when I saw a deal for 4 L’oreal products for €10!

After some doubt, I gave in a few minutes before midnight! A couple of days later, I got this little package in the mail


The products I got are, from left to right:

  • Colour Riche lipstick in the colour Pure Burgundy (746), which retails for about $9
  • High Intensity Pigments Concentrated Shadow Duo in the colour(s) Sassy (208), which retails for about $4-5
  • Infallible Lipcolour compact in the colour Merlot (710), which retails for about $12
  • Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lipgloss in the colour Melon Punch (440), which retails for about $3

Now, I’m not a huge fan of lip products, and this box had 3 of them. Even though it was branded as a ‘surprise box’, I still kind of expected more variety, so I emailed the company, and they promised to send me some different products! Big thumbs up for their customer service 🙂

Now, onto the reviews and swatches


At first you see the two colours of the eye shadow duo. They are branded as ‘High intensity pigments’ (HIP), but they are not really that stunningly pigmented. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good! I think I’ll get a lot of use of these, I absolutely love the colours, and didn’t really have anything like this in my stash.

L'oreal_test_10 L'oreal_test_11 L'oreal_test_12


I’m also in love with the packaging! The packaging is black and sturdy, and has a see-through window so you can see the colours. The bottom compartment has a tiny sponge applicator and a mirror! I only really found out by accident, because I opened the wrong ‘door’ 😛 This makes the eye shadow duo great for travelling!

Now, onto the lip products. I don’t use many lip products, except the occasional lip balm and a bright red lipstick for proms and fancy events and such. This pack contained a lip stick, a very sturdy lipcolour and a gloss.

L'oreal_test_02 L'oreal_test_03 L'oreal_test_04

The lip stick is a lovely deep wine red, called ‘Pure Burgundy’. While this colour is very dark, I think I might wear this! It just looks very chique (just like the packaging <3), but the coverage isn’t perfect. I’m not too sure about the wear time because I didn’t keep it on for long, but the swatch on my arm wiped away pretty easily, so I guess it doesn’t last too long. This is how it looked on my lips (keep in mind, I’m no hero at applying lip stick.. and I also have pretty small lips..). Left are my bare lips, right is with the Pure Burgundy lipstick.

L'oreal_test_17 L'oreal_test_18

It’s semi sheer as you could’ve already seen on the swatch, but it looks quite natural (as far as dark colours look natural xD)

The other lip product in this colour is the Infallible Lipcolour Compact in the colour “Merlot”, which is, obviously, also a wine colour.

L'oreal_test_07 L'oreal_test_08 L'oreal_test_09

The packaging is reflective and can double as a mirror. It contains two tubes that don’t come out entirely, but pop up so you can open them. The coloured tube contains the lip colour, and has a doe-foot applicator. I haven’t tried it on my lips, but I guess it applies pretty nice! The colour is very very intense, and doesn’t budge at all! It dries to a matte finish, and can probably feel very dry on the lips. To add some shine and moisture, they added a lip balm/sealer to seal in the colour. I haven’t actually tried it but it looks like it’d work very well! I’d wear this to a party, because it’ll last you all night!

The last thing in the box was a lip gloss. I have only bought very very cheap lip glosses in the past, and always hated how they felt on my lips..

L'oreal_test_13 L'oreal_test_14


From the packaging it seems like this is a very cheap gloss too, the round applicator doesn’t allow for precise application and just looks and feels cheap. The colour is very bright orange with a lot of shimmer, and the texture is quite thick. On my lips it does feel super sticky, but it’s better than any gloss I ever tried before. The orange isn’t as bright on the lips (see swatch) but the shimmer is pretty noticeable. I actually kind of like it! The name “Melon Punch” probably refers to the smell, because it’s nauseatingly sweet.. Normally I can stand everything sweet, but I just don’t really like it!


To conclude; I quite like the products I got, but I don’t think I’d use them a lot because lip products just aren’t much for me. I’m very curious about the products they’re going to send me, because I kind of started love L’oreal products!

Let me know if you liked this review, I tried to include as many photos and even showed my lips- something I’d never thought I’d do!




What’s been going on, and what’s coming up?

Hello all!

I am aware that I don’t post as often as I’d want to; ideally, I’d post twice or thrice a week, but I’m barely managing once a week these days.. I’m quite busy with studying, and I’ve got enough distractions as is. I do still get a lot of make up and stuff coming in, and I’ve got a LOT coming up!! I even made a list 😉

A while ago, along with a NOTD, I posted about a nail polish set I won! I was ecstatic, but I found out I won even more! I won an Essence bag, filled to the rim with lovely products from DoorMariska , a Urban Decay (dupe/fake) from Femketje’s Blog, and mere minutes ago I found out I won something from MissPinkyNails too!! For someone who ‘never wins anything’ I’m getting quite lucky (note to self, buy lottery ticket)!!

So, of course, I’ll write a post about these things! Further coming up:

  • L’oreal surprise pack that I bought. 3 out of 4 products were lip products, so I sent an email (I was quite nice I think!) and they’re going to send me some new things! The review about the products I already have is almost ready, so expect that in the very near future.
  • Action lip sticks and eye shadow palette. Because it was dirt cheap
  • Action Foundations (same as before, might be one big post)
  • Old make up I have, because I have a lot of stuff I got as a kid or teenager, which might be interesting to review or at least talk about 🙂
  • DIY project! I just made this, and it’s so easy, I think everyone should do it 😀

That’s it for now. If you’re not subscribed, do so on Bloglovin‘ or WordPress, to keep up to date with all posts coming!!

Which one are you most excited about? I really want to show you the DIY and stuff I won!!

Big eyeliner review


When I started my make-up journey, I only had those black kohl pencils. While I still use those nearly every day (mainly on my tightline to make my lashes appear longer and fuller), I have ventured into the world of winged eyeliner and gel liner! At first I’ll review the products and what I thought of them, and I’ll end with the most important bit: the swatches! I also tested if they were smudge- and waterproof 🙂

Eyeliner_test_02 Eyeliner_test_10

On the left picture you see two eye pencils, and on the right picture two gel liners. The list:

  • Essence Superfine eyeliner pen (€ 2,59 from Kruidvat)
  • Max Eye-liner (probably about one euro for two from Action)
  • Max & More Gel Eye-Liner (€ 0,98 from Action, featured here)
  • eBay gel liner (around 1 dollar; various sellers have it, like this one)


Essence Superfine eyeliner pen

I’ve had this felt liner pen for a while now, and I can make a very precise and intense wing with it! In the picture you can kind of see (sorry for the blurriness) that it has a very long tip, which makes it a bit flexible. It also causes the tip to run out of ink very quickly 😦 All in all, I do really like this liner! and at under three euros, even though the most expensive in this review, it’s still a bargain. Plus, the packaging has a nice holo text on it! JUSTLOOKATIT<3

Max eye-liner

I bought this eye liner pencil from Action a while ago; there were two in a pack for probably under a euro. And the cap has a built-in sharpener! It’s not very long-lasting but the black is quite intense, and it’s perfect for tightlining. Nothing special, but does what I expected it to do!


I don’t have any experience with gel liners, these are the only two I have. Therefore I can’t really compare them to anything of a higher quality, but I’ll try my best to review them as well as I can!

Max & More Gel Eye-Liner

As you may or may not know, I have been looking for a good eyeliner brush for a while. So you can understand my excitement when I saw this pack with a gel liner and a good-looking brush for under a euro! I tried it and find the brush a little hard to work with, but that’s mostly my lack of skill. The brush is soft and kinda firm, so you can draw good lines with them. I don’t quite know how to clean it though, so now I’m left with a dirty brush 😦

eBay gel liner 

This is the first gel liner I bought, for this price I couldn’t resist! The brush however is pretty damn sh*tty, I cut it to try to make it work better, but it didn’t..

And now, the swatchesss!



As you can see, all but the felt tip liner from Essence are Jet-black! I’m very much surprised by the pigmentation of the cheap gel liners, and the kohl liner is very good too. For the gel liners, I used the brushes that came with the pot. The Max&More formula and brush allowed for very thin and intensely black lines, while the lines of the eBay liner are slightly chunky and the brush was impossible to work with..

To test how well it would last, I smudged the top of the swatches:


All but the Essence smudged, but I don’t think I let the gel liners dry completely, The Max&More gel liner holds very well while being smudged.

Because our eyes get wet every now and then (either by sports, rain, or tears 😉 ), I put my arm in the water, and then wiped it to get rid of the excess.

Eyeliner_test_14 Eyeliner_test_15


It’s quite clear that the Essence liner is anything but waterproof; all colour ran right off with the water! The gel liners and pencil performed quite good, but since they’re oily, they just repelled the water. With a bit of smudging, there was barely anything left of the ebay liner, and the pencil isn’t very black anymore either. The Max&More held up amazingly well!

So, after the swatching, I tried to remove the blackness from my arm (because it would be silly to walk around with a stripey black arm!), and this happened:


It just wouldn’t budge!! I rubbed it with a facial cleansing wipe with coconut oil, and only after a lot of very vigorously rubbing, I was left with a red arm and a little bit of black in the pores of my arm. Seriously long-lasting this stuff! I haven’t really tried it on my eyes yet, since I’m scared it won’t come off…..

Ps, I tried something different in my pictures; I placed some text over them! The fonts I used are from this website (I used Amatic by Vernon Adams!). If you want me to write an article about cool fonts and how to install them (on a Windows computer) please comment!