Nail Art Challenge: results and tutorial!

Hey all!

Two weeks ago I announced a Nail Art Challenge with the lovely Eva of Infinity and Tessa of TessieeBeauty, and today it’s time to announce the winner!

Here’s the line up of awesome nail arts we made.. did you guess which one was mine?

1.1IMG_0982 2 (1)10639264_10154525612280262_137770639_o (1)


It was the most right one! Eva’s is the most left one, and Tessa made the one in the middle.

We tallied up your votes, and the winner is…

Tessa! With her lovely scalloped rainbow design 🙂

Yay! Congrats 🙂

I came in a close second, and Eva got the third place

I really loved all the designs, and I loved the whole idea of the challenge! Even though time was a problem sometimes (deadlinesdeadlinesdeadlines) we still all managed to make a gorgeous nail art.

Check out Eva’s and Tessa’s tutorials, and here’s mine:


Start by painting all of your nails an opaque coat of white, and let it dry completely (you might use a fast dry top coat to speed up the process)



To exactly recreate the mani I made, tape your fingers in the way I illustrated above, but of course you are free to do whatever the hell you want! I used a large piece of washi tape on the moon of my thumb, and small pieces of striping tape. Then I made a criss-cross pattern on my ring finger. I decided to leave the other nails as it is, so the thumb and ring make a nice accent.

It’s also a good idea to either tape off your cuticles, or use a lip balm to protect your cuticles from the gradient we’re about to sponge on. I also have a neat little trick involving kids’ glue (Elmers’ glue) which I will post about soon 😉



Now, the picture doesn’t exactly reflect how messy a gradient can get.. I painted 4 colours (blue, green, yellow, orange) on a sponge, and just dabbed it on my nails. I used a cheap set of rainbow colours, reviewed here. Let it dry a little, apply more polish to the sponge, and go in with a second layer (if needed; the white base colour makes the polishes pop!)



Now, remove the tape! With the criss-cross pattern on the ring finger, make sure you remove the top piece of tape first, otherwise you’ll mess up your mani! (like I did..)

you can touch up some mistakes/uncovered areas with a small brush or toothpick and some polish in the corresponding colour.

Now, finish with a top coat to give everything a beautiful shine, and even out the gradient. Then remove all polish from your cuticles, and give them some love with a good hand/cuticle cream, and you’re all set!

So, I hope you all liked it (let me know!), and if this photoshopped-tutorial thingy is working out for you. I got the templates from, check it out!

4 thoughts on “Nail Art Challenge: results and tutorial!

  1. Tessa says:

    Love the way you explained it, it looks so easy now. Have to try it, sometime! (hopelijk beetje goed engels haha)

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