Nail Art Challenge

Welcome again! So here’s the extremely exciting post I announced Wednesday..


A lovely gal called Eva from the blog Infinity (Dutch) posted a request for people to collaborate with on a nail challenge! (see here)

Since I’m always up for a bit of a challenge, so I responded! Another girl responded too, Tessa from TessieeBeauty, and together we picked a theme: Rainbows! There were some other suggestions too, but a randomizer picked this lovely colourful theme 🙂

So, we all got to work, and all came up with a lovely nail design ❤ I really love all of them!

1.1IMG_0982 2 (1)10639264_10154525612280262_137770639_o (1)

Please vote for your favourite design over HERE; just click the one you like, and then click ‘Enquête Indienen’!

Once the voting is done, we will reveal the winner, who made which design, and how to recreate them 🙂


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