Big eyeliner review


When I started my make-up journey, I only had those black kohl pencils. While I still use those nearly every day (mainly on my tightline to make my lashes appear longer and fuller), I have ventured into the world of winged eyeliner and gel liner! At first I’ll review the products and what I thought of them, and I’ll end with the most important bit: the swatches! I also tested if they were smudge- and waterproof 🙂

Eyeliner_test_02 Eyeliner_test_10

On the left picture you see two eye pencils, and on the right picture two gel liners. The list:

  • Essence Superfine eyeliner pen (€ 2,59 from Kruidvat)
  • Max Eye-liner (probably about one euro for two from Action)
  • Max & More Gel Eye-Liner (€ 0,98 from Action, featured here)
  • eBay gel liner (around 1 dollar; various sellers have it, like this one)


Essence Superfine eyeliner pen

I’ve had this felt liner pen for a while now, and I can make a very precise and intense wing with it! In the picture you can kind of see (sorry for the blurriness) that it has a very long tip, which makes it a bit flexible. It also causes the tip to run out of ink very quickly 😦 All in all, I do really like this liner! and at under three euros, even though the most expensive in this review, it’s still a bargain. Plus, the packaging has a nice holo text on it! JUSTLOOKATIT<3

Max eye-liner

I bought this eye liner pencil from Action a while ago; there were two in a pack for probably under a euro. And the cap has a built-in sharpener! It’s not very long-lasting but the black is quite intense, and it’s perfect for tightlining. Nothing special, but does what I expected it to do!


I don’t have any experience with gel liners, these are the only two I have. Therefore I can’t really compare them to anything of a higher quality, but I’ll try my best to review them as well as I can!

Max & More Gel Eye-Liner

As you may or may not know, I have been looking for a good eyeliner brush for a while. So you can understand my excitement when I saw this pack with a gel liner and a good-looking brush for under a euro! I tried it and find the brush a little hard to work with, but that’s mostly my lack of skill. The brush is soft and kinda firm, so you can draw good lines with them. I don’t quite know how to clean it though, so now I’m left with a dirty brush 😦

eBay gel liner 

This is the first gel liner I bought, for this price I couldn’t resist! The brush however is pretty damn sh*tty, I cut it to try to make it work better, but it didn’t..

And now, the swatchesss!



As you can see, all but the felt tip liner from Essence are Jet-black! I’m very much surprised by the pigmentation of the cheap gel liners, and the kohl liner is very good too. For the gel liners, I used the brushes that came with the pot. The Max&More formula and brush allowed for very thin and intensely black lines, while the lines of the eBay liner are slightly chunky and the brush was impossible to work with..

To test how well it would last, I smudged the top of the swatches:


All but the Essence smudged, but I don’t think I let the gel liners dry completely, The Max&More gel liner holds very well while being smudged.

Because our eyes get wet every now and then (either by sports, rain, or tears 😉 ), I put my arm in the water, and then wiped it to get rid of the excess.

Eyeliner_test_14 Eyeliner_test_15


It’s quite clear that the Essence liner is anything but waterproof; all colour ran right off with the water! The gel liners and pencil performed quite good, but since they’re oily, they just repelled the water. With a bit of smudging, there was barely anything left of the ebay liner, and the pencil isn’t very black anymore either. The Max&More held up amazingly well!

So, after the swatching, I tried to remove the blackness from my arm (because it would be silly to walk around with a stripey black arm!), and this happened:


It just wouldn’t budge!! I rubbed it with a facial cleansing wipe with coconut oil, and only after a lot of very vigorously rubbing, I was left with a red arm and a little bit of black in the pores of my arm. Seriously long-lasting this stuff! I haven’t really tried it on my eyes yet, since I’m scared it won’t come off…..

Ps, I tried something different in my pictures; I placed some text over them! The fonts I used are from this website (I used Amatic by Vernon Adams!). If you want me to write an article about cool fonts and how to install them (on a Windows computer) please comment!


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