One Dollar Ebay Haul

I recently purchased a couple of things from Ebay from around a dollar each. Since I’ve received everything nowThe mascara wand thingy never arrived! So that’s why this post is kinda late; I had it planned for like two weeks.. , I’ll share my experiences with my purchases! At first I’ll list the links to the items I got (I think they’re all still available), then I’ll review them, and at last I’ll see if I can find the exact prices and shipping times of all items.

What I got:

  1. Coin purse
  2. Watermelon Coin Purse
  3. Gel eyeliner with brush
  4. Mascara remover wand thingy (recommended by Klaire de Lys)
  5. Nail foils


  1. Coin purse

I had a really nice little coin purse I once bought from H&M, but the zipper broke! It was kind of worn for a while already, so I had been looking around everywhere but I just couldn’t find a decent little wallet that wasn’t too small or too big or too ugly.. So after finding out that my ‘little bag I keep money and stuff in’ was called a ‘coin purse’ I could look on ebay, and I found this little cutie. It’s a little small (I can only just fit my cards in, with a lot of effort), it’s still adorable.

2. Watermelon Coin Purse

Luckily, I also bought this ADORABLE slice of water melon that’s also a coin purse! I’ve been using this one since it arrived (I swapped it with the other purse which arrived a couple of days earlier) and it’s a bit bigger. I can even fit my phone in (like I could with my old purse) and I get a lot of ‘AHH!’s when I pull out my wallet πŸ˜€ Plus, I have this habit of holding my purse between my teeth when I have to pack my bag with groceries and stuff, so that probably looks hilarious πŸ˜‰

3. Gel eyeliner with brush

Of course, I didn’t expect much from an eye liner for a (Canadian, even) dollar, but since I didn’t have any gel liner and I wanted to try it before I spend a lot on a more expensive liner, AND couldn’t go wrong for under a dollar, I added it to my little list. I’ll review it properly later (I got some more liners to compare :)), but I can already tell you that the brush is just weird, and the gel has no staying power whatsoever. I also bought a very cheap liner from Action, which has a nicer looking brush. I’ll test them both in an article soon πŸ™‚

4. Mascara remover wand

I never cared for make up removal a lot. I sleep at my place and the bf’s place randomly, and I don’t want to have two of everything, so usually a bit of water has to do for removal. But this thingy is so cheap, I can buy several of them for everywhere πŸ™‚ Now just hope it arrives SOMEDAY

5. Nail foils

Oops. I didn’t actually mean to buy this, but I added it to my cart one day and forgot to take it out when I bought all these things at once! I’m in love with beautiful, shiny nails, and I know you can’t really get a mirror finish with regular polish, and for this amount of money I’m willing to give nail foils a try! I have no idea how to apply them (they didn’t come with instructions.. help?!) but I’ll try them for a special occasion sometime.


At last, here’s a table with prices (in USD) and shipping times to the Netherlands


Item Price (US$) Ships from Shipping time
Coin purse 0.99 Shenzhen, China Less than two weeks
Watermelon Coin Purse 1.22 Hong Kong ~two weeks
Gel eyeliner with brush 0.91 yiwu,zhejiang, China Don’t know 😦
Mascara remover wand 0.99 Hong Kong Not arrived yet
Nail foils 0.99 yiwu,zhejiang, China ~3 weeks

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6 thoughts on “One Dollar Ebay Haul

  1. I love everything you bought!!!! The foils, I guess are applied over a polish ( any polish), but ask google!
    I never use makeup remover, just use baby oil and gently massage on eyes and face, pulls makeup right off! Wipe with a tissue and wash with warm water to remove extra oil. Once done, you won’t even need a moisturizer ..

    • Ik bewaar ze voor een speciale gelegenheid! Al kan ik het misschien beter een keer proberen zodat als ik ze echt wil gebruiken het in ieder geval goed gaat.. :p Misschien gebruik ik ze wel voor Lowlands πŸ™‚ en de etui gebruik ik met veel liefde!

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