Budget haul pt. 2: The swatches

A few days ago I told you about my recent haul of budget polishes. I promised swatches, so here they are!

Instead of regular swatches, I used every polish I got (I think) in a nail art and posted them to Instagram! At the end of this post I also got the book swatches for you too, to see all colours independently.

Essence 138 L.O.L. (the green) and Rimmel 703 White Hot Love from the Rita Ora collection

Both are opaque in 2 coats, and have a great texture! You can’t tell from this picture, but the white has a really fine shimmer in it!

On ring finger: NYC 320 Blue Sky, stamping with Rimmel 844 Out of the Blue and BPS stamping plate. On the rest of the fingers: Essence Blue Jeaned (liquid sand and slightly matte!)

Also all are opaque in 2 coats. Blue Jeaned could do with one coat, but two really bring out the colour. It’s also really easy to touch up if it chips a little because of the liquid sand structure 🙂 Blue Sky has a bit of a weird formula, but the second coat evens the polish out perfectly. I wanted to add a matte top coat over the ring finger (and I did later) but I don’t have a good pic of it 😦

The blue and yellow from the Action set, and my very first OPI polish (a black shatter)

The set of the yellow and blue polishes also came with a wheel of rhinestones, which I’ll use later this month! They were only €1.19 for the set, so it couldn’t go wrong. Well, I was still surprised. Both were one coaters! I did use quite thick coats, and the yellow could’ve used a second, but for this price?! Wow! I applied the OPI shatter coat over two of the nails to see how it looked, and I left my pinky bare since it’s pretty badly damaged 😦


12 thoughts on “Budget haul pt. 2: The swatches

    • Thanks! Ben zelf ook erg blij met mn aankopen, geen missers tot nu toe! Misschien de gel liner maar die heb ik nog niet geprobeerd :p

    • Zeker doen! Voor dat geld kun je het gewoon niet laten liggen. Bovendien krijg je er ook nog vet leuke rhinestones bij in allerlei kleuren en vormen!

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