Budget haul

I read on many blogs that a Dutch drug store (Kruidvat) was doing a 1+1 free sale on all nail polishes! My mom got me some (I still don’t know exactly which ones), but I had to check it out myself too. I didn’t stray far from my comfort zone, because when I was finished, I had 3 blue and 1 clear polish in my hands! Oops.. But before I went into the Kruidvat, I went to the Action to spend even less money (ok, I did spend more, but I bought quite a lot!). I had read most of the polishes from this great budget store were pretty decent, plus they had Sally Hansen and other A-brand polishes in store for extremely low prices. Now, onto the pictures! Budget_Haul_01 That’s everything, on display on my bed! So, at Kruidvat I got these polishes: Budget_Haul_14Yup, blue, blue and blue again! Also a clear polish which I’m going to turn into a matte top coat (I think) 🙂 I spent a total of €5.79, so that’s a real bargain! I got the Jeans Sugar because DoorMariska blogged about it and it looked so great! The other polishes are Rita Ora Out of the Blue, NYC Blue Sky and a clear polish by Catrice. The problem with my previous DIY matte top coat is that the corn starch separated from the clear base. Since Catrice polishes have these little balls in them, when you shake the bottle it mixes the polish really well!

And for the Action haul:


Two bottles of polish with rhinestones (€1.19), OPI (OMG MY FIRST OPI) shatter in black (€1.79), tiny trash can (€0.79), lunch/freezer bags (not interesting), MAX eye-liner gel and brush (€0.98), face wipes (€0.79) and a lash curler (€0.69). I’m not expecting much of these products, so it can only be better than expected! I’m aware that shatter polishes are already old-fashioned, but I just couldn’t leave the OPI there and I don’t own any shatter polishes yet!

Well, that’s it for now. I’m going to review some of these products for you later 🙂 Oh how I just love shopping with the idea ‘I can make a post out of this’ 😀


Which items would you like me to review, or which ones have you tried and what did you think about it? (if you blogged about any of this, tell me and I’ll add your link!)

Edit: my mom got me these!

It’s Essence 138 L.O.L., Rita Ora’s 703 White Hot Love, Essence nail whitener/hardener and Essence All Eyes On Me mascara! ❤


12 thoughts on “Budget haul

  1. Heeeyy Bedankt voor de lieve reactie op mijn blog! Wat een leuke lakjes heb je gekocht! Ik ga jou ook gelijk volgen want je blog ziet er super uit 🙂

    Xx julia

    • Ik weet het! Altijd wel een iets ander kleurtje met een apart glimmertje of juist zonder glitters.. vrijwel elk lakje is uniek!

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