Catrice Haul pt. 2: The Swatches

As promised before, here’s the second part of my recent blog sale haul!

Warning, lots of photos πŸ˜€

There’s the whole family again πŸ™‚

All swatches below are two coats (I believe), and all polishes contain this little metal ball that helps shake the polish well! Always gives me that luxurious feel πŸ™‚

First: the greys/whites
blogsalehaul_07 blogsalehaul_11

I kind of messed up the order of the polishes, but from left to right these are:

  • Sing: Hey, Dirty Lilah!; the name suggest there’s a hint of lilac in this polish (I think), but it’s more of a light grey to almost white to me. Has a really soft white glitter in it, andΒ is very easy to apply due to its thin consistency.
  • London’s Weather Forecast: Best name ever. Dark grey polish, as grey as rainy clouds πŸ˜‰ Also contains a really fine multicolour glitter. Same formula as before, I love it!
  • ASHley: Seems to be the only non-shimmery polish in this set. Looks similar to the previous polish, but is a bit lighter.
  • Limited edition White and Seek: a sheer pearly white. I’ve worn this over Hey, Dirty Lilah! for a good coverage (since I don’t own a good white, haha). This polish has the wide brush I really like πŸ™‚

blogsalehaul_08 blogsalehaul_13


  • Essence Snow Jam Life is a Freeride: This one fit in with the other colours in this range well so I added it too πŸ˜‰ It’s a bright blue with a fine multicolour shimmer. Also has the large brush!
  • No Snow Petrol: Quite similar to the Essence one, but has a slightly greener tone with almost a duochrome blue shimmer. One of my favourites! Again, large brush ^^
  • Sold Out For Ever: A pastel-ish green- I think this is the most unique colour in the set! Has bright green/blue microglitters which make it even more gorgeous
  • ACid/DC: The absolute brightest colour in this set, it’s amazing ❀ A punky lime-green colour (almost yellow) with green-ish microglitter.



And to finish it off: the darkest colours of this set:

  • Limited Edition Be Indiglow!: At first I thought it was nearly black, but in the right light a gorgeous deep, shimmery blue is seen! Very special, and matches well with the other LE (the pearly white; I got a post coming up with a mani with these two!). This polish also sports the wide brush.
  • Squeeze Me: A muted dark green/blue with golden/olive microglitter. Very hard to describe but gorgeous! With large brush.
  • Genius In The Bottle: I can barely describe this. A copper/blue/green multichrome, which looks mostly brown on my nails but like an oil spill in the bottle. Haven’t tested it in daylight yet, but I’ll try this soon! Has a slightly larger brush than others, but not super wide.
  • Petrolpolitan: another of my faves. I guess this would be ‘petrol’-coloured, a blue/green with slightly larger (but still tiny) glitters in blue and green. I also used this in my matte top coat DIY! Also with large brush.

So, that’s it for now! I did take pictures of the swatches in my little book, but haven’t processed the photo’s yet.. I’ll add them as soon as I finish them!







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