Catrice Haul pt. 1

Since I thought my nail polish stash was seriously lacking in size and variety, and my budget is still very limited, I decided to find some nice blog sales to expand my collection! After a while I found a blog by Dana, called mylittlepaperplane, and she had (still has!) a huge blog sale with tons of Catrice polishes! If you’re in the Netherlands, check it out! For just an euro each, I couldn’t really hold back and got 10 of them. Dana threw in 4 other polishes (which I all love) and some samples 🙂 She even included a cute handwritten note! With shipping, I spent €16,75, and I gave some beautiful polishes a second home 😉

Packed in bubble wrap (whoooop!) and with some extras 🙂


All unwrapped ❤ (sorry for the blurry pic..)blogsalehaul_02


All Catrices lined up..blogsalehaul_04

So, here’s the list of polishes I got:

  • 34 Squeeze Me
  • 35 Petrolpolitan
  • 240 Sold Out For Ever
  • 280 London’s Weather Forecast (hilarious. It’s a grey polish :P)
  • 610 ASHley
  • 630 Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah
  • 810 ACid/DC
  • 840 Genius In The Bottle
  • 880 No Snow Petrol
  • C01 White and Seek
  • C04 Be Indiglow!

And from other brands:

  • Essence Snow Jam: Life is a Freeride (03)
  • Maybelline Color glitter top coat (855)
  • Kleancolor Grand Finale (169)

I’ll add swatches (on nails as well as in my little book!) and a bit of a review in part two! Stay tuned 😉



20 thoughts on “Catrice Haul pt. 1

  1. Can’t wait for the swatches , polishes look good !! I noticed you changed your profile picture .. Added a ouch of golden eye liner .. Maybe you should post a tutorial or something .. It looks really nice !

    • It’s actually a shot from the Catrice review! The mossy green shadow has a great golden shimmer 🙂

      And thank you! The old one was.. well.. really old! Can’t have a make-up free eye on a make-up blog, really xD

    • Yup! With shipping costs I had to order quite a lot to make it worth it 😉 I’m quite surprised by the polishes, on the pictures they looked ‘normal’, but in real life they have lots of shimmers! Which I absolutely love 😀

  2. I love this post! I did a review on Taylor Swift’s wonderstruck perfume and did a post about ‘comparing yourself to others’ It would mean alot if you could check it out and maybe follow me. You have areally lovely blogkeep up the good work! XXX hatice

    • Hoewel ik meer een liefhebber ben van essence over het algemeen, deze lakjes bevallen me erg goed! Vind het vooral fijn dat er in veel potjes zo’n metalen balletje zit waarmee je het goed kan schudden 🙂

  3. Eindelijk heb ik tijd om je link te bekijken, dit is ook het eerste wat ik heb gedaan na mijn eindexamens ;D. Fijn om te horen dat de lakken goed zijn aangekomen en je ze mooi vindt! ❤

    • Haha, leuk! Hopelijk zijn je examens goed gegaan 🙂 geniet van je vakantie!
      Ik heb de lakjes al veel gebruikt, ben er echt superblij mee 🙂

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