Catrice mono eyeshadow – Don’t touch my Mosserati!

Since I started blogging and reading blogs on make up, fashion and nail polish, I can’t help but get as many stuff from the shops as my budget allows for (and more..). When I was at the drug store, I could fortunately limit myself to some face wash from Essence (which I will review if I’ve tested it a bit longer!), and this beautiful mono eye shadow from Catrice


It’s a gorgeous dark, mossy green (hence the name: Don’t touch my Mosserati) with a ton of sparkles! I usually tend to go for brighter shades, but a colour like this was seriously missing in my eye shadow collection.

Enough words, here are some more pictures of the swatch on my hand

 Catrice_moss_02  Catrice_moss_04 (the first pic is made with one light on the right, last one is with on-camera flash)

And on my eyes (because who else but beauty bloggers puts eyeshadow on their hands..)

Catrice_moss_08 Catrice_moss_06 Catrice_moss_05

I find it kinda hard taking good (and flattering) pics of my eyes, but I hope this shows the eye shadow well. I used a bright green on the center and inside part of my eye, and the Catrice eye shadow on the outer edge and in the crease. I used my Essence superfine eyeliner pen in deep black, and a drug store mascara (Etos X-tra black volume mascara waterproof) for the rest of the eye look.

Catrice’s mono eye shadow Don’t touch my Mosserati (#640) costed me €2.99 and is available at various drug stores (Netherlands: Kruidvat and Trekpleister)

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12 thoughts on “Catrice mono eyeshadow – Don’t touch my Mosserati!

    • Dankje! Ik ben er ook erg blij mee ^^ de oogschaduw dan. Mn ogen ook natuurlijk maar die heb ik niet zelf mogen uitkiezen :p

  1. I love this post! I did a review on Taylor Swift’s wonderstruck perfume and did a post about ‘comparing yourself to others’ It would mean alot if you could check it out and maybe follow me. You have areally lovely blogkeep up the good work! XXX hatice

      • It’s ok 😉 Ik zie nu trouwens pas dat je ook Nederlands bent (dat maakt het een stuk makkelijker ;))

        Je blog is echt superleuk trouwens! Naam/layout zien er gaaf uit, en je schrijft leuk 🙂

        Also, ik gok dat je ook fan van de serie Dexter bent? 😛 Ik heb hem nét afgekeken, en ik weet nog niet wat ik van het einde moet vinden 😐

      • Haha dankjewel! En nee, ik ken de serie Dexter niet ik kijk vooral naar The vampire diaries, Pretty Little liars, teen wolf, the originals etc. Misschien moet ik daar binnenkort mee beginnen! 🙂

      • Zeker! Las dat je fan was van bloedspetters en forensisch onderzoek.. dat is een beetje de kern van de serie! 😀

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