Fits like a.. Glove

Fits like a.. Glove!

Watching Dexter (S5E10), I NEEDED to hear this quote, but they missed out on a great opportunity for a pun 😦


13 thoughts on “Fits like a.. Glove

      • Hehe I hated the ending I mean seriously whats he going to do as a lumber jack in the middle of nowhere. Kill hikers and bears? No no no. He needs Hannah and his son they are the loves of his life and the only thing that makes him want to be “Good” so my version… she reads the paper but puts it down smiles and walks with Harisson and around the corner there is Dexter and they fooled the world and can be happy ever after “aww” and “ahhh”. 😉 yours?

      • That’s a whole lot better than the original! Although he could’ve gone to the lumber jack life for a while to stay under the radar, I can’t be satisfied with the feeling he’s never going back to Hannah (I’m in love with her) and Harrison. Also (if other people are reading this, SPOILER ALERT, I hate what happened to Debra! Goddamnfuck she was awesome. I also liked the dr. Vogel bit, and when they took in Zach as a new project, but it was to be expected they had to die..

      • Yes I am not happy with Debs fate either, in my version the shot didnt cause as much damage just a flesh wound… I want happy endings for them.

      • hahah, me too, I’m that Disney-kind-of-girl.. Ah, I did enjoy the series a lot, and the ending wasn’t THAT bad, just extremely unsatisfying..

    • Ik gelukkig niet zo veel, en ik heb over het algemeen niet de drang om een serie snel af te kijken 😉 Maar Dex is toch wel erg interessant 😀

  1. Ik heb zoveel goede dingen over deze serie gehoord! Ben er best benieuwd naar, misschien moet ik hem ook maar eens gaan kijken 🙂

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