Nail polish stash

I don’t have many polishes yet, but I’d like to share my stash and swatches with you!

Since my nails aren’t looking very great, and I don’t want to ruin them more by putting on lots of polish and then having to take it off with remover again, AND I wanted to review my swatches at any time I want, I put them in a small book. This was also an easy way to test the opacity (the book has lines) in multiple layers.



And now, tilted to see the shine/shimmer!

nail_art_17 nail_art_19

Listed with links (where possible):

  • Action rainbow polishes (set of 6)
  • HEMA Longlasting 185 and 41 (both not available in the webshop anymore, but check out their other polishes here)
  • NYC Highline Green (298) and NYC Village (206) (here or in various drug stores)
  • Miss Sporty 133 (here)
  • Essence Colour & go Galactic Glam (171) (here)
  • Collection 2000 283 (really old, but still a good consistency!)
  • Soho polish (had no info on it whatsoever)
  • Essence 101 Dalmations (22 Black dress and white tie) (Couldn’t find a direct link, but it’s reviewed by a Dutch blogger here)
  • Pink striper polish (at BornPrettyStore, #4)
  • (not pictured) Light blue polish I featured before

My favourites are the Essence ones! I love both the blue glittery one, as well as the Dalmations top coat. They also look great together! 🙂 Which is your favourite, and what colours/polishes should I add to my collection?


If you want to order anything from BPS, you can use this coupon code:



10 thoughts on “Nail polish stash

    • Ik had een makkelijk overzicht nodig van al mn lakjes (ookal zijn het er nog niet zoveel) en dit schattige boekje had toch nog geen doel 🙂

    • Ja he! Ookal is hij best sheer (zelfs bij 3 lagen zie je de lijntjes er nog doorheen), de kleur is geweldig intens en chique 🙂 En op mn nagels valt het niet op dat hij doorzichtig is!

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